NARIGC Remodelers Certify Their Expertise - Chapter Announces 6 New Certified Remodeling Project Managers

(Des Plaines, IL – June, 2015)  – NARI of Greater Chicagoland is proud to announce the names of its most recent members to become certified as Certified Remodeling Project Managers (CRPM) by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).  NARI CRPMs are the field personnel who oversee every aspect of the project: customer satisfaction, personnel management, administration, etc. while working on the project or projects.

“This designation proves a remodeling contractor’s knowledge, technical comprehension and skill in project management,” said Sherry Schultz president of NARI of Greater Chicagoland.

The list of newly certified individuals is as follows:

Jeff Thompson, CRPM, D/R Services Unlimited, Inc., Glenview, IL

Eric Bodamar, CRPM, D/R Services Unlimited, Inc., Glenview, IL

Will Kehoe, CRPM, D/R Services Unlimited, Inc., Glenview, IL

Douglas Sanders, CRPM, D/R Services Unlimited, Inc., Glenview, IL

Timothy Cloum, CRPM, Don Van Cura Construction, Inc., Chicago, IL

Joe Tarqueno, CRPM, Nail It Innovations, Inc., Joliet, IL

“As a newer member of NARIGC, it was important for me to become involved in the NARI Certification Program immediately," said Joe Tarqueno, CRPM, owner of Nail It Innovations and new CRPM.  "Even though I have more than six years’ experience in the industry, the CRPM certification allowed me to further refine my project management skills.  The in-person study group also allowed me interact with other project managers to develop better best practices.”

Ron Cowgill, MCR, CKBR, GCP, UDCP, owner of D/R Services Unlimited, Inc., saw immediate results from his project managers in the study group.  “I watched as they applied skills they learned in the field each week as they advanced in the study group.”

Cowgill's sentiments were echoed by Don Van Cura, MCR, CKBR, GCP, CLC, UDCP, of Don Van Cura Construction Co., Inc., adding, “NARI Certifications are very important at our company in order to provide top notch service.  We’re excited to provide our clients with an even higher level of project management now that Tim has become a CRPM.”

The six week course is open to professionals who have been working in the remodeling field for a minimum of five consecutive years and have some degree of education or training in that area of study.

NARI’s certification programs are designed to set high standards for the remodeling industry, with the goal of increasing the level of professionalism and driving customer satisfaction and profitability for the company. For homeowners, these standards also ensure that the remodeling professional you invite into your home will be capable of addressing your home improvement needs, having participated in an extensive education program, testing and review.

Certified individuals must complete continuing education requirements on an annual basis to retain their certifications by attending industry-related seminars, workshops and classes each year to keep their knowledge current. Certified professionals must also adhere to NARI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Consumers may wish to search to find a qualified professional who is a member of NARIGC or call NARIGC at (847) 298-6212.