NARI Member Benefits


“The Voice of the Remodeling Industry”

Improve your exposure to the consumer, your knowledge of industry trends and the bottom line of your business through membership in NARIGC.


  • Enhance your professional credibility with membership in the only national independent association dedicated to the remodeling industry.  The NARI Logo is the mark of a remodeling professional!
  • Increase consumer awareness through local and national public relations and marketing efforts, including press releases and consumer events
  • Attend regular networking events, training opportunities, roundtables, or webinars hosted either virtually or in-person around Chicagoland
  • Submit projects for local, regional, and national recognition with NARIGC’s annual Contractor of the Year (CotY) Awards program
  • Secure more leads with a free company listing on our newly redesigned local website and the national consumer-facing website  Only NARI members are featured on these sites.
  • Enroll in industry-leading Certification and Accreditation Programs set your company apart from the rest!  Members of your team can earn Individual NARI Certifications and stay current with government required certifications and regulations, such as RRP and OSHA. 
  • Sign up for free or discounted education seminars and a library of on-demand webinars
  • Take advantage of great programs that help members save money and run their business better. Great partnerships include  The Home Depot Rebate Program, NARI Building Bucks, Senior Home Safety Specialist – Age Safe America, Saving Center, Guild Quality, and Members who take advantage of these programs can enjoy discounts on their regular business expenses that far exceed their annual membership cost! 
  • Access a Peer-to-Peer Network of contractors, suppliers, and other industry professionals and exclusive NARIGC Members Only online community. You are not alone!
  • Receive Top-of-Mind Referral Service when we are contacted for contractor, supplier, or industry association recommendations.
  • Receive updates on state and federal legislation that directly impacts your business and the industry

The entire NARIGC staff and membership stands ready to help you grow your business on multiple fronts through events designed to help you network, increase your visibility and strengthen your brand.