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Actual Project completed by one of our members – Downtown homeowner wanted to convert a 3rd-floor open deck to an enclosed entertainment room


  • Downtown 2 story residential structure, sharing exterior walls with two adjoining structures, no side yards
  • Rear alley w/ 3’ walkway between building next door
  • Access through the house was not an option for debris or construction material
    • All debris hand to be lowered down and loaded up through back alley
    • All construction material hand walked down the alley to the rear of the building
  • 1st level of rear roof was 35’ above the ground and two additional roofs to gain access to the entrance to the work area
  • No staging area for debris or construction material was available in the alley
  • No street parking

Logistical Effort

  • Daily access to the work space involved:
    • 40’ ladder set up in the 3’ walkway to reach 1st level of rear roof
    • 6’ Step ladder then used to reach 2 level of rear roof
    • 2nd 6’ ladder used to reach 3rd level of rear roof that then had access to the work space via metal set of stairs
  • Manual roof top boom lift (pulley and rope) set up on the roof
  • All debris loaded in 55 gal containers and lowered to walkway and all materials had to be lifted to the roof
  • Majority of construction material had to be hand carried down the alley
  • All construction material, including 16 – 3 ½” x 14” x 26’ LVL’s, had to be raised to the roof via the boom lift

When access to the work area involved climbing 3 sets of ladders up and down - Don’t forget a tool!!!

End Result

Beautiful finished entertain space that included:
  • Main entertainment room (23’ x 13”), that included:
    • 5’ x 18’ folding window system in front of building, w/Phanton motorized retractable screen and privacy filter
    • Large cooking grill
    • Large TV
    • Barnwood ceiling
    • 3 – operable skylights, w/ sun screens
    • 30” x 30” tile
  • Small kitchenette (12’ x 15’), including:
    • Table
    • Sink/faucet
    • Ice maker
    • Beverage refrigerator
    • Dishwasher
    • TV