Educational Session Recap

All sessions were eligible for one continuing education unit (CEU) with NARI. 

WE'RE (STILL) HIRING: How to Win the War on Talent Acquisition

Victoria Downing, President at Remodelers Advantage
Mark Harari, Vice President at Remodelers Advantage

Hiring talent is becoming increasingly difficult. 80% of survey respondents report skills shortages. 2 of 5 believe the biggest obstacle to growth is the inability to attract the right staff. We’re experiencing a business environment where access to top talent is not only putting a strain on productivity, it’s also limiting growth. Your talent strategy directly impacts your business performance, yet most don’t give it the attention it deserves.

Indeed, the art of finding good talent has long mystified even the most progressive business leaders. But the stakes are too high to treat talent as an afterthought. The good news? There are simple steps to transform your recruiting process from uncoordinated and desperate to systematic and competitive. In this fast-paced, interactive session, you’ll learn how to build a recruitment program that attracts and retains high-quality talent consistently; in even the most competitive markets.

In this session, Harari brings the marketing tips to attract recruits (along with a touch of humor), and Downing shares best practices learned from the thousands of remodelers with whom she’s worked. Together, their chemistry, showmanship, and 50+ years of experience will deliver a high-impact session.

Air Leakage: The 3rd Most Destructive Home Issue

Joe Konopacki, President & CEO at Insight Property Services, Inc.

Keeping homes dry and conditioned is essential for an effective controlled environment.  Controlling air flow has been overlooked as a key aspect of achieving these goals.  Air flow affects indoor air quality, comfort, building durability, condensation, combustion safety, recurring mold, insulation performance, icicles, and more.  We will explore these and other issues and show how uncontrolled air flow can be the common link among many problems in homes and how to best solve them.  While “homes need to breathe”, we will discuss what that means in a practical sense rather than it being a justification for sloppy installations and poor assemblies.  

Strategic Planning by the Numbers

Victoria Downing, President at Remodelers Advantage

You’ve been told it’s important to “know your numbers” but do you know how to use your financial information to help you make hard-hitting, profit-insuring decisions for your company? Join industry expert, Victoria Downing, as she explains the key financial indicators in every company and demonstrates exactly what it is telling you. Then join your peers as you interpret real-life financial information and solve your company’s most common problems.

Leveraging Your Business Online

Kevin Dempsey, President at Insight Marketing Solutions Inc.

Digital marketing plays an important role in driving awareness and attracting potential customers for remodeling businesses. In this session, marketing expert Kevin Dempsey will take an in-depth look at Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and YouTube and how each channel can be leveraged for a business’ specific goals. Additionally, he’ll review the importance and benefits of Search Engine Optimization for websites. This presentation will assist attendees in identifying the ideal target audience for their business and offer advice on navigating the constantly evolving realm of social media.

     Product Demonstrations

Attendees to select two, 30-minute demonstrations to attend on the following topics:

  • No Leaks: How to Professionally Install and Flash Windows                            

Sierra Pacific Windows, A Division of Sierra Pacific Industries

  • Quality Installation Requirements: The James Hardie Difference                       

James Hardie Building Products

  • Schluter Systems Shower Overview: What Does it Mean to be Waterproof?                  

Schluter Systems

  • The Inside Scoop on Outdoor Cabinetry                  

Krengel & Hood

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