2023 Keynote Speaker

Steve Baczek | Architect

Steven Baczek is a registered architect with over 30 years of construction industry experience. As a sole practitioner, he typically works with clients on select custom residential projects. Utilizing his strong Building Science background, he strives to integrate sound design practices with good construction practices to provide exceptional design solutions to their design problems. His residential work includes over 50 Leed Platinum Homes, and numerous Zero Energy Homes, and Certified Passive Homes. Steve also does extensive work giving older, existing homes a second chance at success. Many of these renovation projects are also designed to be Zero Energy, Deep Energy Rerofits, as well as the first Certified Passive House Renovation in the U.S. under the “Enerphit” program.

2023 Keynote Presentation

The Quiet Hero

REMODELING… there is a love there like no other in construction. Our work is often times that of a quiet hero.  Our day-to-day work activities on site call for continuous problem solving of buildings.  Discipline and experience provide timely solutions and much of the work is seldom honored or even spoken about. Success is based on responsibility and discipline, often buried in a second life. The award here, is walking away knowing “you did that”, but more importantly, you provided the next chapter in the story. Success doesn’t come easy. It comes to those prepared in collaboration with the team, where every individual “does their job”. An orchestration of disciplines working toward a common goal, for the good of the “TEAM”.

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