October 11, 2021

Don’t Overlook These Remodeling Award Categories

When deciding which remodeling projects to submit for award consideration, many beautiful kitchen and bathroom remodels will be at the top of your list, but did you know that the kitchen and bathroom categories are also the most competitive?! Check out a few of the "lesser-known" categories and past award winners for inspiration for your own submission!
September 6, 2021

Why Submit Projects For Awards

NARI recently announced the opening of the Remodeling Excellence Awards season. The Remodeling Excellence Awards celebrate the best of the best in the remodeling industry, and we invite you to participate. Here are the top reasons why you should enter!
August 5, 2021

Local vs. National Awards – What’s the Difference and Why it Matters!

Believe it or not, project awards season is upon us! All of our hammers, sweat, and – at times – tears summarized for some well-deserved recognition for all of your effort and care. After all, as we wrap up 2021, those 2022 projects are waiting for your bids and nothing says “the best and brightest” better than an award for the last project you completed.
October 8, 2020

How Awards Make a Difference in Winning Bids

It’s difficult because the “good guys” give the right price. Good contractors give detailed bids that account for reasonably expected unforeseen conditions and think through the projects from beginning to end before giving a price. Unfortunately, so much time is invested in the bidding process and there always seems to be the low bidder